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Who is who?


Hello, I’m Dominik and I go to the class 2e. I likeskateboarding and watching films. In redaction I write articles, make crosswords and puzzles.
Hi, I’m Łukasz. I’m 14 and I go to the class 2d. I like watching TV, meeting friends, listening to music and of course holidays:) I do many things in redaction: I write articles, make title pages and I help with technical matters.
My name`s Patryk. I go to 3b. I `m 15. I`m interested in collecting stamps. I love football. I generally like sport. My favorite film is ,,Dr. House”.
Hi:)my name is Edyta. I'm from 3b.I like listening to music, meeting friends, going to the cinema and shopping:) I write articles.
Hi:] My name is Ala . I'm from 3b . I like going to the cinema , listening to music and  hanging out with friends. I'm interested in photography and I often take pictures for Cheat Sheet.
Hello:) My name is Marlena.I'm from 3b.I like reading books, watching movies. My favourite one is "Titanic" with Kate Winslet and Leaonardo Di Caprio. I write articles,too.
Hi, I’m Jagna.  I go to the  class 2e. I’m interested  in singing and journalism . In redaction I draw pictures, comics and I write articles.
Hello, I’m Patricia. I’m from 2e. I like drawing. In redaction I paint pictures.
My name is Joanna Orlikowska - an English teacher at our school. I`m a chief of the  editorial staff  :-)


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